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Coming October, 2017 on Kindle

Mick Carr, Kingsbury Town Football Club’s infamous ‘Jack About Town’, has never had to chase a girl. Why should he bother? They flocked to him. That is, until he met Marie-Claire Wentworth.

Marie-Claire has one goal in life: to pass the art school critique in exactly ten days time. If she passes she can stay in school in England, flunk and she has to return to America with her tail between her legs. It’s going to take every ounce of talent she has to produce a work of ‘spontaneous vitality’, and the last thing she needs is an overpaid, testosterone fueled sports star complicating her life.

Or does she?

Fowled by Marina Reznor

Marina's Notebook

John Terry in action for Chelsea FC Notebook
April 29, 2017

The Curious Case of John Terry

On paper, John Terry is a hero/protagonist prototype dream come true. Handsome, athletic, a major God in the Premier League and Rei de Toto* at his career-long club Arsenal, John has been on my radar for a long time. Even his well-known penchant for self-destruction didn’t put me off, I can work with that. I’ve redeemed worse assholes. Over time, however,…

March 7, 2016

Phonics ruined me.

Phonics ruined me. In the 1970’s it started in the third grade. I had been cruising nicely through first and second grade, unaware of the linguistic brick wall I was heading towards. Reading was never a problem, my parents were wonderful and read to me every night, and I already loved books. Spelling, however, turned out to be quite a…

soccer gods logo Notebook
February 16, 2015

Soccer Gods: my new crush

Gosh, I miss http://www.kickette.com. Those girls were sharp, funny and merciless. There were short-term replacements… dirtyfootball.com, the FoxNews soccer channel, but none came close. But now I have www.soccergods.com and not a moment too soon. All of my Zlatan Ibrahimovic updates in one place, with rock solid writing too boot. True, they are guys and lack that feminine knack for…


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