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Definitely not a chore to read at all - quite entertaining, actually.

Love, love, love Mick and MC. English Premier league football is not a thing for me but it works as the setting. I liked the dialog, I liked the plot, and the story line is tight and smart. It's kind of a simple story but just really enjoyable.

Fowled was stellar from start to finish.

In the immortal words of Oscar Wilde, "The good ended happily and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means." Marina's off to a great start, and I for one—romance fan or not—will be looking forward to the second in this series.

Mick Carr, Kingsbury Town Football Club’s infamous ‘Jack About Town’, has never had to chase a girl. Why should he bother? They flocked to him. That is, until he met Marie-Claire Wentworth.

Marie-Claire has one goal in life: to pass the art school critique in exactly ten days time. If she passes she can stay in school in England, flunk and she has to return to America with her tail between her legs. It’s going to take every ounce of talent she has to produce a work of ‘spontaneous vitality’, and the last thing she needs is an overpaid, testosterone fueled sports star complicating her life.

Or does she? 

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